Karita Tykkä wanted a sibling for her son – secondary infertility crushed her dreams

Karita and Petri Tykän’s son Luca is 12 years old. Pasi Liesimaa

Former Miss Finland and wellness coach Karita Tykkä speaks in a recent With love, Karita in the episode of the podcast about self-acceptance.

Tykkä has had to learn acceptance herself when facing secondary infertility. Secondary infertility means infertility after the first pregnancy.

With Tyk and her husband Petri Likes it is 12 years old Luca-son. Tykkä says in the podcast episode that not even the family’s only child came into the world “with the snap of fingers”, but in the end the family’s wishes came true.

– Everyone told me that the second (child) always comes really easily. Well, it didn’t come even though I was waiting for the moon to rise. I hoped more than anything that I would become a mother to another child, that Luka would have had a friend, a sibling, Tykkä says in the podcast.

Tykkä says that she knows how wonderful it is to live with siblings, because she herself has a sister who is two years older.

When secondary infertility appeared, Tykkä blamed himself and his body for the situation.

– I went through all the tests in the world to see what’s wrong? What’s wrong with me, why doesn’t it work? It was also seen in the research that the follicles can be shared with others and everything had to be in order. But for some reason it just didn’t, it just didn’t work, he continues.

Karita hopes that people would not interfere in other people’s children’s affairs. Pasi Liesimaa

One piece of advice

Accepting childlessness was made especially difficult by the fact that Tykkä constantly received inquiries and comments about another child. From time to time she was also congratulated for a pregnancy that was not there.

I like to give one piece of advice in the podcast regarding children’s issues.

– Please don’t meddle in other people’s children’s affairs, they are really sensitive matters. When you have to face infertility, it’s a really tender place.

Tykkä tells you that today you are dealing with infertility. He states in the podcast that in the endgame things are even better now than they could be with two children.

The Karita podcast with love is available to listen to In Podimo.