Juventus still gets points deducted for fraud, drops to seventh place

The Italian football club Juventus has been deducted ten points for accounting fraud. That has the Italian Football Association FIGC on Monday decided. According to the association, Juventus has been guilty of fraud in a number of transfers, without explaining in detail how the club committed fraud.

Juventus had already been deducted 15 points earlier this season, but that penalty was later overturned by the FIGC after Juventus successfully appealed to the Italian Olympic Committee. The Supreme Court of Sports subsequently ruled that the case should be reconsidered. Now the club still gets points deducted.

Due to the ten-point deduction, Juventus drops from second to seventh place in the Serie A ranking. The northern Italian club may therefore miss out on European football, while until today it assumed participation in the group stage of the Champions League. With two games to play, a place in the Europa League seems to be the highest achievable for the club.

Relegation in 2006

Juventus is notorious for fraud and bribery. In 2006, Juventus were relegated to Serie B as punishment for bribing referees. Juventus was not the only club to do so at the time, but it did receive the heaviest punishment. The club also had to hand in the national titles of 2005 and 2006.

Juventus has achieved disappointing results in recent years. Where the club became national champion continuously between 2012 and 2020, it did not succeed in the past two seasons, and it had not succeeded this season without a points deduction. Internazionale, AC Milan and Napoli won the league title consecutively.