A victory, a draw and a defeat the balance of the summer tour of Allegri’s team, but there is much more behind the results. Here’s what

    A victory over Chivas Guadalajara, a draw with Barcelona and a defeat with Real Madrid: three games to begin to sketch the new Juve, the one expected at the debut in the league already on August 15th, but also an intense experience to form and cement the group. With challenging opponents capable of mirroring a Juve which, in order to grow, must also identify (and overcome) its limits, competing with top-level teams. This and more was the American tour that ended today with a flight that is bringing the team and staff back to Turin. Together with McKennie, the second injured after Pogba, who has already returned to Italy in recent days. After 10 days of work, Juve therefore returns with some more certainty and with some indications on what to review.