The words of the Juventus midfielder in Wahed’s “Muslim Money Guys” podcast: “No World Cup? God had other plans for me”

    Paul Pogba will see the World Cup from home, or rather, from where he will train to be ready to return to the pitch in January with the Juventus shirt. Still zero appearances in Serie A for the Juventus number 10, stopped by the injury and also by the decision not to have surgery taken at the beginning of September . Then that frantic run to return to the group at the end of October, before giving up and going under the knife: “God had other plans for me. Before making important decisions for my career, please. I do it because afterwards I’m at peace with myself himself,” Paul said on Wahed’s “Muslim Money Guys” podcast, touching on several topics.

    praise him

    Pogba goes on to talk about many of his colleagues in the department: “I admire box-to-box midfielders, who play the game, who make assists and who can score like Toni Kroos, Marco Verratti and Thiago Alcantara. A very important prospect is Jude Bellingham who is doing very well and I believe he will reach a very high level. In my career I have had various points of reference who inspired me such as Paul Scholes, Darren Fletcher and Michael Carrick. I must not forget the teachings of Andrea Pirlo, who is been crucial for me.”

    admiration for cr7

    Finally, Paul Pogba concludes thus: “I see professional players. There are many of them who are very professional, who maybe arrive early, do all the recovery and stuff like that. But there is someone who has been there every single day and hasn’t he stopped. This is Cristiano. It’s his personality, he’s a winner, that’s for sure. He always wants to be right, he’s never satisfied with what he’s done, he always wants more. His motto is: ‘I can do more. I’ll do more’. His motivation is crazy. At United I lived with him for a year, every day was good to improve and set a new record. He doesn’t see the others, he says: ‘I have to be better than myself'”.