Juve capital gains, the Covisoc card: FIGC appeal to the Council of State

This is the FIGC’s response to the Tar’s decision to oblige the federal prosecutor’s office to give the document to Juventus’ lawyers: the verdict is already expected today

Appeal to the Council of State. The Football Federation has decided and yesterday evening served the document which asks for the cancellation of the two pronouncements of the Lazio TAR which obliged the federal offices to deliver to the lawyers and consultants of former Juventus managers Fabio Paratici and Federico Cherubini (including Angelo Clarizia, the former sub-commissioner of the Football Federation who participated in the formulation of the Juventus club’s appeal) the famous “Covisoc paper” of 14 April 2021, the document that could represent a violation of the procedural times of the entire sports judicial process of the Juve-capital gains case and aim to cancel the -15 decided by the Court of Appeal. In short, before the hearing of the Coni guarantee college, the clash remains in administrative justice. It is a request for suspension of the provision of the TAR which gave one week to deliver the paper: the decision of the Council of State is probable already today.

But why does the FIGC insist on not giving the card? From via Allegri it is said that it is a problem of “prejudicial sports”. The Juventus lawyers have bypassed – it is the thesis – the sports justice by turning to the Tar and violating the procedure established by law 280 which provides for the possibility of going to the administrative justice only after having exhausted all the levels of the sports system. However, the story is still pending at the guarantee college and the story of the “Covisoc card” is one of the nine points with which Juve will attack the -15 sentence. And according to the FIGC that should have been the venue for deciding on the issue.