Musician Jussi Hakulis had a few more dreams last year that he wanted to realize.

    Singer-songwriter and musician Jussi Hakulinen has died. Satakunta Kansa reported on the matter on Tuesday.

    Iltalehti is republishing Hakulinen’s last remaining interview from spring 2021. At that time, the musician still had a rift with the band Yö, but the man also talked about life and death:

    Although a musician Jussi Hakulinen has experienced more death in his life than many others, the experiences have not made him discouraged. Vice versa. The founding member of the Yö group pushes the gas even harder.

    – I decided to do one last night tour in honor of the 40-year history, called The last variety show of the nightJussi is happy.

    In the fall, there are three gigs in big arenas, and guest faces will be seen on stage.

    – Now we start going through the song lists and planning the course of the program.

    Clean record

    Jussi Hakulis had health concerns three years ago when he got prostate cancer.

    – I decided to tell about my illness openly, if my example would help even one of my fate companions. You should listen to yourself and get treatment in time.

    In the fall, Jussi Hakulinen will go on a party tour in honor of the 40-year career of the band Yö. Jenni Gästgivar

    Hakulinen’s cancer was controlled with surgery. Now, the man has been undergoing check-ups for a few years now, and life continues with clean papers.

    – I wasn’t afraid of death, because I’m already so used to it. All my close relatives have already died, some from cancer.

    – My father died a long time ago, he was only 54 years old. The years 2005 and 2008 were terrible, then I lost both my mother and my sister. My brother died a few years ago.

    Jussi says that he still has a few dreams left that he would like to fulfill before his own passing.

    – I would like to write a book and make at least two albums.

    Defender of his rights

    Even though heavy topics are covered in the interview, Jussi Hakulinen is in good shape and has a bright mind.

    Your own children bring extra salt to life. The boy is studying political history and Ellinoradaughter continues as a musician in her father’s footsteps.

    – We have also done duo gigs together, Jussi says.

    Even though Korona has inoculated people in the music industry, Hakulinen has gotten by with studio money.

    – I get enough from there to get by.

    Hakulinen aggressively defends its copyrights. In 2017, he had to defend the copyrights of Joutsenlaulu, which was shown without permission in Vain hään program, in court. Hakulinen won the trial.

    – Do you have to stop this kind of thing if your own songs are published secretly?

    The story continues after the picture.

    The composition of the Yö band from 1982. Front left Veikko Lehtiranta and Jani Viitanen. Behind left, Jussi Hakulinen, Juha Rauäng and Olli Lindholm. IL ARCHIVE

    Hakulinen’s pen keeps creating new songs.

    – I was just wondering in what form they should be published. I would like to have something concrete, but I’m not really interested in publishing anything on Spotify either.

    At the same time, Hakulinen gets excited to envision how the music business will be revolutionized in the next few years. According to his prediction, more and more middlemen will be left out and it will also collapse the operations of record companies.

    – This can happen within 5-10 years.

    Only own songs

    Hakulinen is currently working on his autumn concert tour. It means honing the details, song selections and endless phone calls.

    Guest faces will also be seen on stage. There are Pate Mustajärvi, Herra Ylppö and Pauli Hanhiniemi.

    – Jokinen Vesku will also join, Hakulinen adds one name in addition to the ones in the press release.

    – There will be others, but the final names will be confirmed later.

    In the fall, there is also another Yö tour, with Suvi Teräsniska as the soloist.

    Hakulinen drifted into the night Olli Lindholm’s with the organizers of the memorial concert, because he forbade the performance of his own songs at the concert.

    Now the ambiguities have been settled and, on Hakulinen’s behalf, Finland can accommodate two separate Yö concert tours.

    – Our tour is distinguished by the fact that I only perform my own, not other people’s cover songs, Hakulinen can’t help but point.