Junts has decided to contradict the president of the party, Laura Borrasand not put to a vote the continuity or not of the deputies of ERC Josep Maria Jove Y Lluis Salvado, who will be tried for embezzlement and prevarication in relation to the preparation of the 1-O referendum. In this way, Junts deactivates the few possibilities that there were for the Parliamentary Committee to debate, as it did with Borràs, the suspension of these deputies by virtue of article 25.4 of the regulations of the Chamber by which any person must be automatically suspended parliamentarian to whom an oral trial is opened for crimes related to corruption.

    Borràs defended that article 25.4 should be activated, that is, the continuity of Jové and Salvadó should be put to a vote, to later position himself against their suspension. He claimed that the case is similar to the one that led her to be removed from the presidency of Parliament. But only the PSC harbored doubts about the feasibility of opening this debate. The rest of the parties present at the Table were not in favor of the work, alleging that the case of the two deputies has nothing to do with that of Borràs. Saved Y Jove they will be judged for the organization of a referendum, not for an issue such as the possible fraudulent management of Borràs at the head of the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes. Only Ciutadans and the PP wanted to separate the two parliamentarians.

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    The rest of the parties consider that, unlike the Borràs trial, in the case of the two ERC representatives, their judicial situation cannot be circumscribed in the framework of the corruption because they have not enriched themselves nor have third parties benefited.

    The 25.4 establishes that the Board of Parliament must agree to the suspension “immediate” of the rights and duties of those parliamentarians to whom an oral trial is opened for crimes related to corruption. On July 28, the ERC, the PSC and the CUP approved the suspension of Borràs in this way for the case of alleged splitting of contracts at the Institució de les Lletres Catalanas, a case for which she will be tried as of February 10 . Junts opposed the decision, alleging that its president is the victim of a “political persecution” for his independence ideology. Since then, with the presidency in limbo, the Parliament continues in an unusual interim situation.