If Avalanche now decides the championship, Mikko Rantanen is very close to the prize for the most important player in the playoffs.

    The Colorado Avalanche is close to the championship. Tampa Bay Lightning is facing a forced win. AOP / USA TODAY SPORTS

    The most interesting game of the day

    The Fifth Encounter of the Stanley Cup is arguably the most exciting struggle of Midsummer’s Eve and Midsummer’s Eve. The championship for Colorado is interrupted in front of the home crowd.

    The fourth match in the NHL final series was fairly even and both teams had their own strong episodes. Tampa Bay got a flying start to the match with an opening minute goal and a strong opening round gave home fans hope, especially as the Avalanche just couldn’t break into the center. Bolts ’most even-defensive defense game was of high quality across the line, as expected, even though Colorado’s second goal in the even-fifths was scored.

    Avs wasn’t able to make as many direct attacks as they had in the match series before, but in the extra round, Colorado was able to put another new gear in the eye, which was awarded Nazem Kadrin with paint. Both goalkeepers did great. All in all, thanks to its superiority in quality, Colorado’s profit can also be considered earned in the xG sense.

    His home cat Colorado has been really tough through the playoffs and now Tampa really needs it Andrei Vasilevskin magical fights to keep the series alive. The more even Avalanche should once again be clearly ahead, as Tampa will not be able to exercise the last option and thus the advantage he has gained from playing in recent games.

    One big consideration in playing Colorado is the superiority that has grinded in the final series with a really wild, far over 40 percent power. Meanwhile, Lightning has been overwhelmingly sluggish – the account has only one YV hit.

    There is a spiritual superiority in Colorado, but without a fight, Tampa will obviously not give up. Both teams have suffered from smaller and bigger bumps, but now, at least for the guests, it is certain that all the players who stay upright will be parked into a pile even by force. For example Brayden Point every effort is made to get the game fit.

    The previous match gave some indications that Bolts has found ways to make it harder to attack Colorado. If you can stay out of the box, Tampa will be able to keep the game flat and, above all, low. The lower the number of goals left, the better the seams to visit will be a surprise.

    Veikkaus’ odds for the home team are at the top of the world, but they can’t reach the games either. My estimate for Avs ’victory after 60 minutes is 46 percent, for a draw 22 and Tampa 32 points. Thus, the closest game has been offered to guests at 3.00, but with the palatability there are insurmountable challenges.

    As expected, the market has moved towards scarcity in goal bets, so the best benefits have been gradually eaten out of under bets. For less than 5.75 goals, our domestic company offers 1.87 odds. My threshold multiplier for the event is 1.92.

    The most likely results in the fifth final are 2–2 and 3–3, so it would not be a surprise to progress to the next round. The match starts at. 3.10.

    The best bet of the day

    Friday’s most interesting target will be found in women’s football as England and the Netherlands prepare for the European Championships starting in early July. The match to be played on Leeds Elland Road is expected to be quite entertaining.

    For the European Championships, which start in July, England will be one of the pre-favorites with its home advantage, where the Netherlands is definitely a potential challenger.

    In the preparatory match now, line-ups and groupings are sought and opportunities are also given for the so-called second options, but yes, the teams are also looking for setups for the race, so the match will definitely start with the best possible openings. On the other hand, the very taste of blood in the mouth is hardly taken up and defended until the end of the race to avoid injuries.

    England has performed strongly in recent championships and was fourth in previous World Championships. In the ongoing World Cup qualifiers, the team has won all eight of their matches without losing a goal – of course, there are many views on the level of the block.

    With the exception of the goalkeeper, the team is quite experienced and quality can be found in every area a la Lucy Bronze, Jill Scott and Ellen White. The defensive head is clearly the strength of the Three Lions, but there is also spherical surprise and challenge.

    The Netherlands has become known in recent years for its excellent offensive play. Skilled individuals on the team Vivianne Miedema, Lieke Martens and Sherida Spitse able to create a goal threat evenly. The Netherlands is good for both long and quick attacks, but the finish could be more effective from time to time.

    Head coach Mike Parsons has clearly emphasized defensive play, as there has been a clear condensation downstairs since the Tokyo Olympics. In the past, the Netherlands has had a habit of letting the balls into their own against weaker teams as well.

    In terms of material, the Netherlands is slightly ahead of England, but the home advantage carries the hostesses to the favorite position in the match – a home win is reached twice out of five. Veikkaus’ offer for a direct win in the UK is 2.36, so there are no benefits available.

    In the match, the main goal is the goal draw and the over-options. It is permissible to expect good-paced and undulating encounters and therefore there should be more goals at each end. For more than 2.5 goals, Veikkaus gives a odds of 1.95. My estimate for this event is 53 percent, with a cut-off factor of 1.89. In terms of relevancy, a line smaller than a notch by 2.25 is better, but the limit of two and a half goals is expected to be slightly more productive. However, the benefits remain so insignificant that I will not elevate the subject to the actual hint.

    The match starts at 22:00.

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