The North Holland U23 clash in the first division has not yielded a winner. Young Ajax dominated before the break and expressed that in a deserved lead. Young AZ recovered in the second half and may have been entitled to more. In Wijdewormer, both teams got stuck on a 1-1 draw.

    The most striking name on the line-up form was Hakon Evjen. The winger of the first team made minutes again for the first time since September. He saw that the pace was unprecedentedly high in the opening phase. Jong Ajax mainly made the game and Jong AZ was forced into reverse. Despite the fact that great opportunities were not forthcoming, it was an interesting spectacle that mainly took place in half of the Alkmaarders. It was only halfway through that the team of trainer Maarten Martens got a grip on the team from Amsterdam and it came to play football itself. That led to a memorable moment from a corner, where Jong Ajax couldn’t get the ball away and Jong AZ could have done more.


    The only chance was an attempt from outside the penalty area by Kian Fitz-Jim. The midfielder of Jong Ajax, however, shot the ball a meter over Sem Westerveld’s goal. Where both teams seemed to go to the dressing room with a draw, Christian Rasmussen was accurate three minutes before the break. The Ajax player made the action inside and convincingly scored from outside the box: 0-1. The top scorer of Jong Ajax thus scored his eighth goal this season.

    After the break, the game was more open. A shot from Kian Fitz-Jim was the first danger and then Young AZ became dangerous a number of times in the switch. The last pass, however, was always just not in order, so that a shot opportunity was not forthcoming. Keeper Tom de Graaff missed halfway through the second half and therefore seemed to give Young AZ a gift. Soulyman Allouch then shot the ball against the woodwork and saw Christian Rasmussen also miss the chance of a hit in the counter.

    Gold bill

    Young AZ convinced much more and came up with a number of great opportunities. Iman Griffith had the perfect chance to equalize. He set up the attack with a nice play, started the combination and then shot against a coming out De Graaff. Ten minutes before the end, Martens brought two fresh employees into the team. Jayden Addai and Finn Stam. The latter managed to win a penalty kick during his first contact with the ball after he was knocked out by Donny Warmerdam. Substitute Damienus Reverson coolly fired the ensuing penalty kick into the corner: 1-1.

    Young AZ line-up: Westerveld; Van Aken (Stam/80), Goes, Engel (Addai/80), Lathouwers (Pavlidis/88); Neighborhood master, F. de Jong, Griffith; Evjen (Schouten/46), Meerdink (Reverson/52), Allouch

    Young Ajax line-up: DeGraff; Gooijer, Aertssen, Warmerdam, Hato; Vos (Misehouy/46), Fitz-Jim, Reign; Hansen, Rasmussen, Hlynsson