Johnny de Mol’s name is finally cleared after a period of almost two years (!). The Public Prosecution Service is making mincemeat of the declaration of his ex-girlfriend. “He deserves an apology.”

    © William Rutten

    According to him, the relationship between Johnny de Mol and his ex-girlfriend Shima Kaes has been very turbulent. However, the presenter has always denied that there would have been aggravated assault and even attempted manslaughter. And the billionaire son now finds the Public Prosecution Service on his side.

    Turbulent period

    The whole affair between Johnny and Shima started for the media in November 2020, when the Mol family decided to report threats. They felt blackmailed by Shima’s team, who allegedly asked for money to keep the then-unknown “assault story” out of the public eye. In the end, Shima also decided to litigate.

    Immediately doubts arose about Johnny, especially when journalist Mark Koster revealed details about bruises and a ruptured lip. In addition, a sound fragment suddenly circulated in which Johnny indicated by telephone that he had been ‘heavy-handed’ against Shima. After a fierce period, he started HLF8 in August 2021.

    Name cleared

    It was a tipping point for Johnny when in April 2022 the report of Shima leaked through journalist Ton F. van Dijk. It was so believable that some celebrities no longer wanted to sit down with Johnny. He was therefore soon forced to stop presenting his talk show for the time being.

    Now, six months after his departure from television, Johnny finally sees his name cleared. The Public Prosecution Service makes fully minced meat of Shima’s declaration and dismisses the case. But what about all those pictures of Shima’s injury? The Public Prosecution Service has doubts about this: “The injuries shown do not always seem to correspond to the alleged facts.”

    heavy handed

    What about that telephone conversation in which Johnny indicates that he has been ‘heavy-handed’ with Shima? Telegraaf journalist John van den Heuvel: “The Public Prosecution Service suggests that those tapes were created with a bit of cutting and pasting and that certain exculpatory parts of conversations were not brought out.”

    No doubt something happened in that relationship, John says. “In fact, that’s what Johnny says himself, that it was a toxic, toxic relationship. A fierce relationship in which things have happened back and forth that have gone far. But that is different from intentional assault and attempted murder. Johnny has always denied that.”

    Neuter image

    The Public Prosecution Service makes such mincemeat of Shima’s report that Telegraaf journalist Pim Sedee wonders how public opinion about Johnny could have turned so much. John about this: “Yes, that is of course the risk that arises when a report is made public without any context.”

    According to him, this was done by the legal advisers of Shima Kaes, ie via Ton F. van Dijk. “That creates a very neutral image,” he says. Ton shares today via Twitter decides to drop Johnny’s case, but doesn’t respond substantively. A salient detail? Shima’s legal advisers are being prosecuted by the Public Prosecution Service for threats.

    Time for an apology

    It is time for certain people to apologize to Johnny, thinks NPO Radio 2 DJ Wouter van der Goes. “Would all those types who didn’t need a lawsuit to publicly condemn that boy (up to columns, don’t name names) now also apologize in sixteenfold?”, he tweeted, pointing to Angela de Jong.

    If someone suggests that the very wealthy Johnny may have just bought this business off someone, Wouter replies that this is nonsense: “I don’t believe that. Because if it worked that way, it would never have come this far. But again, I definitely don’t think it works that way.”

    Johnny responds

    What does Johnny say about this? “I have always had confidence in the study and in this outcome. Still, it was a tough time, so I’m relieved that this decision is here. I’ll take some time, and I’ll keep you posted when I resume what work. I want to thank everyone for the support and sweet messages I have received lately.”

    When will he return as the presenter of HLF8? “We will discuss in the short term when Johnny will resume his work,” says his employer Talpa.