John Nettles’ childhood was overshadowed by his parents’ deep financial crisis.

    John Nettles was adopted as a young child. PDO

    Known from the British series Midsomer Murders of John Nettles childhood was overshadowed by bad luck and the resulting fear that affects the actor’s life even today.

    Nettles was born in 1943 in Cornwall, England to a nurse mother and an unknown father. Nettles’ biological parents gave the boy up for adoption as a young child.

    Nettles was raised by his adoptive parents, a carpenter by Eric Nettles and this Elsie– with his wife in poor conditions. Nettels has said that his childhood experiences have followed him well into adulthood.

    The actor suffers from a chronic fear of poverty. Both of Nettles’ parents died young, under the age of 70. He believes that the reason for the parents’ short life was poverty.

    – I’m afraid of money – I’m afraid that I’ll end up without everything that my parents have, Nettles has said.

    John Nettles is remembered from the British series Midsomer Murders. PDO

    The actor has had to get used to a good income level, because his childhood was overshadowed by his parents’ deep financial crisis and his father’s bankruptcy.

    Nettles’ father was an entrepreneur and her mother cleaned hotels and sewed socks for work. However, money was constantly tight, and the family struggled to pay their bills.

    Nettles also believes that her parents were afraid of poverty long before bankruptcy. Money and the lack of it were constantly discussed.

    – My parents grew up during the depression. Mother’s father was unemployed for more than 15 years, Nettles has said.

    – It makes a person bitter and crooked. My parents inherited it, which only added to their own financial worries. My father became a recluse and increasingly bitter. As a proud man, he harbored the crushing thought of failure. He felt that he had betrayed both himself and his family.

    According to Nettles, poverty was the hardest place for Eric’s father.

    – I may have been without money, but hardly anyone noticed. Some of my friends may have had nicer blazers, but it didn’t really bother me. However, it did matter to my father. He was so proud that he even wore a tie and polished shoes to the darts club.

    Source: Hello!