You can get a black American Express credit card only by invitation and by fulfilling the conditions on the list.

    According to experts’ estimates, there are around 100,000 Amex Centurion card holders in the world. Illustration picture. Vakhrushev Pavlo Igorevich

    The so-called black card, i.e. American Express’s Centurion Card, is a status symbol that only the few and the chosen can get.

    The term “black card” describing the card has been repeated often in, for example, rap lyrics and, for example, the world’s richest rap artist Jay-Z has rapped about Amex’s black card in his songs.

    The topic came up in the news last time Jare Tiihonen told the Taakka podcast that he owns a black Amex.

    CNBC reportsthat according to experts’ estimates, there are approximately 100,000 Amex Centurion cardholders in the world, of which approximately 20,000 are in the United States.

    A screenshot of the brochure that American Express has sent to the cardholder. The brochure presents the automatic insurance benefits that the card owner can get. Screenshot from the brochure

    However, a high income is not enough to get the card in question, it can only be obtained by invitation.

    However, on the American Express Centurion card website, it is possible to fill out an application to be considered for membership. According to the site, completing the application does not obligate American Express to send an invitation.

    Financial magazine according to Forbes there are apparently no official eligibility requirements for getting the card, which may increase selectivity in terms of recipients.

    However, some requirements are known. of to get the card, you must already be an Amex Platinum card holder. In addition, excellent credit and a history with American Express are not a disadvantage.

    According to the brochure, the card holder is also offered special services at some airports. Screenshot from the brochure

    According to the website, cardholders should make between $250,000 and half a million dollars worth of purchases per year on all their open Amex cards.

    Other possible criteria are not publicly known.

    The cardholder agreement states an initial fee of $10,000 upon opening the card and an annual fee of $5,000. According to information from Iltalehti, the initiation fee in Finland is 3,500 euros and the annual fee is 3,500 euros.

    This is how you can request a card invitation

    According to Centurion’s website, the cardholder receives, for example, “exceptional” customer service in his banking affairs around the clock for all problems.

    According to the pages, customer service agents can help customers book a flight or a table at a well-known restaurant, as well as custom requests, “such as purchasing a flower arrangement” for special occasions, or in emergencies.

    – We are available to you all the time and will do everything we can to help you. You can communicate with our professional team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the site says.

    Card holders also receive, for example, a top-level gym membership and invitations to closed entertainment events.

    In addition, events are marketed to Amex Centurion card holders that only card holders can access. Screenshot from the brochure