“It’s not for everyone”

Around the biathlon season finale, there was a veritable wave of resignations. Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet also ended her active career. The 30-year-old has now received an emotional tribute from a French legend for her achievements.

“Respect for her! I admire the way she has managed her career,” enthused Marie-Laure Brunet to Chevalier-Bouchet’s Nordic Magazine portal.

The 34-year-old judged that her compatriot had “developed a lot” in biathlon over the years. “I used to look at Anaïs and tell myself that doing this as a mother is powerful, now that I’m a mother too and I see what that means,” explained Brunet, who gave birth to a daughter last September.

In the past biathlon season, Chevalier-Bouchet finished in a strong eighth place in the overall World Cup. At the World Championships in Oberhof, the French won the bronze medal in the mixed relay.

“I’m so happy for them, and not everyone is allowed to do that. Only a few athletes end their careers like this,” Brunet found warm words for Chevalier-Bouchet’s recent performances.

That’s why Chevalier-Bouchet ended her biathlon career

The athlete had recently commented on the reasons for her biathlon resignation to “Nordic Magazine”.

“It was important for me and for us. I wanted my daughter to remember the life I’ve led here for many years. It was very emotional,” explained Chevalier-Bouchet, whose decision to quit didn’t stop at everyone understanding.

“I received a lot of messages, including from my friends and family, telling me that I could do another year. Yes, sure, but I don’t want more. And if I don’t want more, then I won’t continue.” , the Olympic silver medalist justified herself.