The Italian coach before the match against England: “Spinazzola asked me not to be called up. I didn’t bring the others because they are two games, I didn’t want to call a lot of them. Verratti can’t do it. Tonali and Pellegrini to be evaluated”

    The match against England at San Siro on Friday, Hungary in Budapest on Monday: coach Roberto Mancini launches Italy in the last two games of the Nations League group. “The result will be important, this is a group where anything can still happen – said the coach -. We must try to win both games to try to finish first. Then, together with the more experienced players, there are also some of the young players. called in June “.

    The convocations

    On the summons Mancini explained that Spinazzola’s absence is linked to a request from the player. “He called me and told me he doesn’t feel great, he needs to work two weeks and I left him at home. I left the others at home because they are two games, I didn’t want to call a lot of them. different at home, but I thought it was right as they are playing so many races “. And on the situation of the injured he specified: “Verratti can’t do it, he has taken a hit. I think Tonali is not a big problem, Pellegrini will evaluate him between today and tomorrow while Politano is quite well”.

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