A Bari from applause beats a struggling Padova 3-0, while Modena beats Catanzaro 3-1

    He always thinks about it: Brunori overwhelms Reggiana with a hat-trick (the first in rosanero) and gives Palermo access to the next round of the Italian Cup where they will face Torino. It was a one-way race, even if a few too many smudges in the second half rekindled the hopes of the Emilians.

    The rosanero striker started from where he left off in the playoff final with Padova, without interruption, indeed he went further. Palermo shows Baldini’s version. Di Benedetto, after the farewell of the Tuscan technician, as a ferryman towards the new technical guide (Corini always on pole) which should be decided by the City Group in the early days of this week, does not affect the system that has risen to Serie B. The only two novelties Pigliacelli in goal and Broh in the middle of the field, the Primavera coach is not tempted to field a massive dose of new signings. Diana, on the other hand, has to deal with some absences. Between the hosts who present the system that won in Serie C and the Emilians who have to try the jump in Serie B, the tried and tested mechanism of the rosanero prevailed, who throughout the first half had territorial dominance over Reggiana.

    The cold shower after just 3 minutes, thanks to Brunori’s paw, on a perfect cross from Valente, complicated the difficult start of the grenade. The in-outs of Fella and the insertions of Brunori have sent haywire the defensive system of Diana’s men, who have suffered in particular the pace of the hosts, up to undergo the doubling again on the Valente-Brunori axis, bravo to get out of his head and put behind Turk. In the second half the script does not change that much: Rosafio, however, is good at building the action by himself that leads to Buttaro’s foul in the area. The number 7 from the spot beats Pigliacelli. Only flash of the guests who return to undergo the initiative of the rosanero with De Rose and Broh who pretend all the duels in the middle of the field and can trigger fresh forces like Silipo and Soleri.

    Reggiana takes a big risk when Luciani conspicuously holds Brunori in the area, the referee lets it pass, but can do nothing when the scene is repeated in the 32nd minute. The number nine from the spot brings the scoring to three and puts the qualification in a safe place, were it not for a slight pain in the final due to a goal in the scrum by D’Angelo, which however does not compromise the success of the rosanero. (Fabrizio Vitale)

    Applause to Bari who deservedly won the qualification for the next round by giving himself the challenge against Verona. Waiting for reinforcements, the Apulian team continues to grow to be ready for the championship debut. The ambitious Padova needs to be reviewed because the attacking attitude is admirable, but the tactical balance is still to be recorded with the defense in trouble several times.

    Decisive blow

    Do not mislead the result because the game was balanced and pleasant at times. The two teams immediately solicited the opposing defenses but it was Bari who took advantage of the opportunities produced thanks to Botta’s plays. After eight minutes the playmaker unlocked the score with a left-footed shot from the edge of the penalty area; shortly after, Botta surprised the opposing defense with a millimeter throw that allowed Cheddira to double. Padova did not give up, they tried to build the game but left too many spaces, risking the restarts of the opponents. Despite the good will of Ceravolo and an attempt on a free-kick by Russini, the balance of the game did not change, indeed it was Bari who wasted some potential opportunities. The tactical theme did not change in the second half; Curcio tried to keep the Venetians in the running, but on his conclusions the saves of the good Caprile neutralized the comeback attempts of Padua which then collapsed in the final and was punished in the recovery once again by Cheddira. (Roberto Guerriero)

    Modena gives itself the derby with Sassuolo (Monday 8 at Braglia) and does so with a substantial performance against a Catanzaro who remained in the game until the end. Hit by the cold goal after 30 seconds of play signed by Silvestri, Vivarini’s team kept a Modena in constant apprehension that, after a sparkling start, struggled to keep the match under control, trying to replicate the reasoned maneuver of the Calabrians with quick restarts, thanks to the resourcefulness of Azzi, who then dropped to the distance. The double decisive interventions of Seculin allowed Modena to maintain the advantage, increased in the final half of the time by Diaw, skilled in attacking the space by catching the host defense unprepared.Modena with two attacking midfielders, Tremolada and Falcinelli, Catanzaro with several absences and with Pontisso (Cinelli in his place) forced to forfeit shortly before the start. The match returned in the balance in the second half when a defensive uncertainty from Modena allowed Catanzaro to shorten with Tentardini. A very hot evening, inevitable changes. Modena benefited from this and secured the qualification with Magnino’s quick turn. In the final a pole of Iemmello did not change the tide of the match. (Paolo Reggianini)