News item | 10-01-2023 | 13:16

    The cabinet wants to make multilingual day care possible in childcare. People can respond to the bill that regulates this through an internet consultation until 31 January 2023. The intended entry into force of the amendment is January 1, 2024.

    Multilingual day care

    In recent years, a number of organizations have experimented with multilingual day care. After this, the cabinet decided to legally regulate multilingual day care. The bill makes it possible to offer day care – for a maximum of 50% of the daily care time – in German, English or French. In this way, children become proficient in several languages ​​at a young age. Moreover, the multilingual day care facilitates the transition to multilingual primary education.

    Organizations that have participated in the experiment will be given a bridging period (of a maximum of two years) to continue with multilingual childcare until the amendment to the law takes effect.

    Further conditions for the multilingual day care are elaborated in the decree and the regulation. This concerns, among other things, the language requirements for personnel and requirements with regard to the pedagogical policy plan. The starting point here is that the administrative burden for the childcare centers is kept to a minimum.

    Respond to the internet consultation up to and including 31 January 2023
    The bill regarding multilingual day care is now available online for public (internet) consultation. Anyone who wants to can respond and give their opinion on the regulations at