Extra tips for the right health insurance on vacation

    Pay attention to the insured medical services. Do you like to be physically active on holiday? Then medical treatment after sports accidents should definitely be included in your international health insurance. Are you traveling as a family? Make sure that if your children are hospitalized, your insurance gives you the option to stay there together. Insurance companies often list this under the term “rooming-in” in the policy.

    Tip: You can usually recognize good insurance by the extensively insured medical services. Only illnesses that were medically known before the trip are then not insured.

    Extra tip: If you suffer from a chronic illness, you should clarify the insurance cover personally with the insurance company in advance.

    Of the medical repatriation should definitely be included in your insurance. Pay special attention to the wording here. If your insurer writes that a return transport will only be covered if it is “absolutely necessary”, then the assumption of costs is only guaranteed in this “absolutely necessary” case. On the other hand, does the documentation of your international health insurance state that the insurance company will cover the costs if the transport “sensible” is, you have a very good chance of a paid return journey.

    Choose a worldwide insurance coverage. Otherwise, you not only have to check before each trip whether your destination country is within the scope of the insurance, but also take out additional health insurance for this region if necessary. Double insurance cover is not a problem for trips abroad, as long as you inform the providers of the double insurance in the event of treatment abroad – unnecessary costs arise from double insurance.

    If you pregnant holiday, we advise you to check the insurance conditions very carefully. Good tariffs not only cover all examinations and treatments during pregnancy, but also pay for childbirth abroad.

    Do you often travel for work? Make sure that your foreign travel insurance does not only cover private trips, but also business trips.