He is still a bit taken aback: Boelie Vis is an International Emmy Award winner. The Ilpendammer made the music and edited the children’s series KABAM!, which was awarded last night in the category ‘Best Kids: Live Action Series!’. To make it even more special, his son Boris played one of the leading roles. “It’s super cool. It’s the biggest TV award,” he says from New York.

    The toddler drama series is about the fears of children. Each episode is eight minutes in which a different fear is discussed. Son Boris played a boy who was afraid of the hairdresser. The series is also part of an education package for primary schools.

    “I came into contact with Boelie Vis through the director, because his son was cast,” says film producer Marc Bary of the winning IJswater Films. “Initially he was the editor, he would actually just edit the whole thing. But he is also a gifted composer. A unique combination. Then it soon came up. He said: ‘I also want to make the music.’ And that went very well, that combination works.”

    Award ceremony American style

    Boelie experienced the ceremony as something magical. He had never experienced anything like this before, he says Rush hour on NH Radio. “The gala was very chic, American style, grand. Then you have the red carpet indoors, just on the first floor. You first stand in line for an hour and then you can walk on the red carpet for two minutes. “

    He continues: “During dinner all figures from the TV world come and they take turns presenting a prize. Then it’s very exciting when it’s your turn. We won and so we were all allowed to go on stage. all press comes to you afterwards, everyone congratulates you.”

    Boelie laughs: “It is one big charade, I realize that. But it is also something you have made that is appreciated, that is very cool.”