Illegal rave party in warehouse in Namur: owner from Wielsbeke is disappointed

    Videos on social media leave nothing to the imagination. On the night of December 31 to January 1, 4,000 revelers make it very colorful in a warehouse in Sombreffe, in Namur. The warehouse is owned by Tom Eeckhout from Wielsbeke. It was from rave and repeatbut sleep there was little in it. The party lasted until Sunday evening. This morning Eeckhout will come to measure the damage with a bailiff.

    “They just defaced everything, really everything with graffiti. It’s a total loss. It’s a total loss. We may be able to solve many things. But the damage is enormous. Never seen it. I thought it was about a party. That it would only be the sheds. But when we went round with the bailiff this morning to measure all the damage, we found here in the office that it has been completely demolished. The sinks that have been ripped off the wall, the glass doors are broken, ceilings have been lowered, there is graffiti,…


    The gate at the entrance to the Carwall company buildings is completely dented, the concrete blocks have not stopped the crowd. Images show how people also dance with fire in the shed. Tom Eeckhout: “Seven hectares in size, two hectares built up. The rest is parking. They opened gates. Opened the wire. The road from here to the motorway exit was full of parked cars. If you have four thousand visitors, Do you have a thousand cars? Everything was provided here. Power generators, plumbing, water, … Everything was provided. And that was built up in about an hour and a half.”


    The new owner Tom Eeckhout is very disappointed and lodges a complaint against strangers. “I am a father of three young children. I can’t explain it to them how we should do this in the future? If all this can and should be done without consequences, and that the owner is the victim without anyone doing anything about it That’s over my head.”

    The party was illegal, there was no permit according to the mayor. The municipality could not stop the rave party. Police arrived on scene, but they were pelted with projectiles. The music was only stopped on Sunday evening.