Hey, there’s another one: a well-known Dutchman who really doesn’t want to be in the spotlight at all. This time it’s Jandino Apsoraat who shouts that. “I want to be in the background.”

    © William Rutten

    Jandino Asporaat spontaneously starts screaming and screaming when he sees a rotating camera somewhere, but don’t think he feels like it. Well, actually he doesn’t want any spotlights at all. At least, that’s what the comedian claims in an interview with the television guide Veronica Superguide.

    Jandino wants anonymity

    When asked whether Jandino likes to be in the spotlight, he answers in the negative. “Anyone who knows me knows that I’d rather be on the other side. You hardly see me at my own parties, because I am busy with the clothing, the catering, whether the floor is clean. I prefer to be from the background.”

    Jandino is so fed up with all the attention and the spotlight that he often takes to the streets in some kind of disguise. “Sometimes I think: I’m wearing a hat. But as soon as I start talking, I betray myself. People recognize me anyway.”

    Talk on the street

    What happens when people recognize Jandino? “Then they want to take a photo, share their story, tell me where they saw me. People feel like we’ve known each other for a long time, so I have to make time for everyone.”

    He loves all that attention. “They love seeing me, so I see it more as energy.”

    Juice channels

    Finally, we all know Jandino for his terribly noisy laugh. Is there a chance we’ll ever see him grumpy again on one of the juice channels?

    Is he ever grumpy? “Not very often, but there are definitely times when people will think of me: he didn’t look too happy. Sometimes I’m a little tired or something else is going on. That can happen.”