“I don’t think this went fairly”

The compensation is an advance distribution share. However, 90 euros may remain as the final compensation for the victims.

The information of more than 30,000 customers was leaked in the data breach at the reception desk. Reception desk

Ilta-Sanomat says the victims of the data breach of Vastaamo, which went bankrupt, will receive a meager 90.14 euros as an advance distribution share. The amount is based on the maximum compensation of 2,500 euros previously accepted by some of the victims.

According to the anonymous victim, the compensation is outrageous and does not cover the costs of the damage.

– I don’t think this went fairly, the victim tells Ilta-sanomi.

Iltalehti had already received a secret information about the matter in 2021, according to which the compensation will probably be less than 100 euros. The thing seems to have come true now.

– The administrator is not able to assess the potential distribution of private creditors in more detail at this stage of the bankruptcy procedure, but it is likely that the distributions that may be paid to private individuals will be less than 100 euros, the release stated.

Can remain as a final compensation

Administrator of the bankruptcy estate Nina Aganimov confirmed to Ilta-sanom that the compensation of 90.14 euros may possibly remain the final compensation for the victims. The bankruptcy estate still has several uncollected claims.

– Consequently, when there are more creditors than assets and secured debts are paid first, it is possible that there will not be enough funds from the bankruptcy estate to pay the damages demanded by the victims of the data breach, Aganimov wrote in the press release already in 2021.

The victims have also had to register themselves as creditors. The share of creditors has been small compared to the number of victims.

The compensation amount will be paid to more than a thousand victims by the end of May. Suspect of a data breach in the office Julius Kivimäki possible culpability and possible damages will be reviewed in a separate hearing.

Edited from the news at 16:08: Added Iltalehti’s previous information.