The new compact 204 hp from the Korean house surprises for its style and technical and technological contents. Between the curves it is a real blade, but it also knows how to offer a good habitability for daily commuting. The price starts at 29,400 euros

    Luca Frigerio

    September 23

    – Milan

    Compact, agile to drive, aesthetically appealing and angry when the right pedal is depressed. The hothatch they made thousands of fans dream and, as in the 80s and 90s, this sports car segment was filled with models capable of offering the best value in terms of accessibility, practicality and, above all, sportiness. Directly from the world of rallying, the Hyundai i20 N finally arrives, a highly anticipated peppery, ready to shake the competition and make young and great drivers dream. 204 hp turbocharged four-cylinder engine, reinforced chassis, self-locking differential and super refined front-wheel drive. The ingredients for the perfect recipe are all there: after having tried it in preview, we are back behind the wheel of this Korean novelty to find out more and to see how it behaves even in everyday use.

    Hyundai i20 N: how it is made out

    The look of the most performing version is based on the third and latest generation of the Asian compact. The already angular lines of the i20, on the N, have been emphasized by pointed skirts along the entire lower part and by contrasting details in red which, even with the engine off, highlight the DNA of this hothatch. The reference to the sister who races in the world rally is strong, starting from the accentuated spoiler mounted above the boot door and 18 ”rims with a matt gray finish that accommodate Pirelli 215/40 sports tires.

    How it is done inside

    Eyes closed and flying in your hands, the new i20 N makes you dream of being a racer. The bucket sports seats are very useful when you want to give the gas, but at the same time they are comfortable on long journeys. In fact, this plague must also know how to do it daily car: the double 10.25 ”screen creates a modern environment and there are all the driver assistance systems that make long journeys less demanding. There is a lot of technology to entice the youngest, but there are also numerous analog controls that make it clear that this is a car that favors mechanics. Too bad only theinfotainment is manageable via the touch screen, too distracting and imprecise in motion. As for the habitability, however, space is excellent also for second row passengers, and the 352-liter boot with double bottom allows you to move around even when fully loaded without too many restrictions, an essential note for those who already have family or love to travel with friends. Obviously, it must be considered that, with so much weight, the already rigid suspension forces you to be even more careful when passing over bumps or bumps in the asphalt, which are transmitted to the occupants.


    Under the hood of this compact sports car a 1.6-liter refined “ad hoc” roars to excite and entertain. Four turbocharged cylinders for this Korean novelty which, thanks to the support of the variable valve timing, is able to offer a maximum power of 204 Hp. A value in line with the competition and enhanced by a full exhaust sound in N mode and at the same time quiet in the standard driving modes so as not to ruin ride comfort. As for the gearbox, this hothatch leaves no room for automatic: the i20 N offers only the six-speed manual, solid, precise and short stroke, to fully enjoy the experience and fire one gear after another without fear. Also thanks to the Rev mode which, if inserted, automatically manages the side-by-side, giving a small shot of gas when you scale the ratio making the engagement very soft and fluid even if done in with the decision of a sporty driving.

    How are you

    Two words are enough to describe this car: pure pleasure. It’s not just fun between the curves: the reinforced chassis and sustained suspension, combined with a well-refined front-wheel drive, allow you to attack the asphalt and raise the inner rear wheel. The steering is sustained, the clutch heavy and the suspension stiff, essential ingredients to create a strong bond with the car and exploit the potential of this to the maximum. hothatch which, in the brand’s still young motorsport tradition, already has its own strong identity and has what it takes to bring its rivals to their knees. Finding the confidence to go fast is a matter of a few kilometers, but the technical potential of the i20 N it allows to raise the pace even more and to engage even those with more experience and sensitivity to drive. In everyday use, this Korean compact offers everything you need: space on board, Adas and an excellent audio system. However, we must consider that it is a real sports car and, although the engineers have managed to offer a great balance, when you encounter holes or roughness in the asphalt, the setting transmits to the passengers a good part of what passes under the wheels and in traffic the left pedal. sustained could tire quickly.

    In conclusion

    So many qualities for the i20 N and few defects that, given the smile with which you go down, can also be overlooked, also considering the fact that it is addressed to a public who loves the genre and looking for a daily car fun and exciting first of all. A peppery compact that, already in the first generation, is already at the top of the category for the complete package, the excellent driving dynamics and the attractive price: 29,400 eurosa challenging value for a B segment, but still below some of the main competitors and which reflects the great work done by Hyundai’s sports department on the highly anticipated i20 N.

    Hyundai i20: strengths and weaknesses

    Let’s find out the pros and cons of the new Hyundai i20 N:

    • Like it: the engine is explosive above 2,500 rpm and thrills with a unique sound; steering and trim are very effective between curves and encourage you to pick up the pace; the interiors are spacious and modern.
    • Do not like: at the low end and in the long ratios it lacks a bit of boost; the mere possibility of managing the infotainment with the touchscreen is distracting; quite sustained trim on bumps and cobbles.

    Data sheet

    Below are the main technical data of the Hyunda i20 N


    Hyundai i20 N
    MotorFour-cylinder turbo; 1,598 cc
    Maximum power204 hp (150 kW) between 5,500 and 6,000 rpm
    Maximum torque275 Nm between 1,750 and 4,000 rpm
    Transmission6-speed manual transmission with mechanical self-locking differential
    SuspensionsIndependent front MacPherson type; rear interconnected with torsion axis
    Wheels215/40 R18 89 Y
    DimensionsLength 4,075 mm; width 1,775 mm, height 1,440 mm, wheelbase 2,580 mm, luggage capacity 352 liters
    Full speed230 km / h
    Acceleration 0-100 km / h6.7 seconds
    Consumption6.97 liters / 100 km (combined cycle Wltp)
    CO2 emissions158 g / km (combined Wltp cycle)
    Weight1,265 kg in running order
    PriceFrom 29,400 euros