Humberto Tan is quite pissed off at Jan Dijkgraaf. The columnist and biographer of the Meilandjes calls the presenter a wet sandwich. “When you write something, Jan, at least be factual.”

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    Football captains Orkun Kökcü (Feyenoord) and Redouan El Yaakoubi (Excelsior) have sparked controversy by refusing to play with the OneLove captaincy. That band is a statement against all forms of discrimination and during the weekend of their refusal it was mainly about gay acceptance.

    wet sandwich

    Humberto Tan, chairman of the Mijnals committee that deals with inclusivity in football, regrets the refusal, but says he also tries to see the positive side of it. “It underlines the importance of the action. You now see how important it is that this is discussed,” he said NOS.

    What a wet sandwich, according to columnist Jan Dijkgraaf. “The KNVB is withdrawing the One Love campaign, because Allah’s two Islamic captains of premier league clubs are not allowed to wear a rainbow band. Of the Mijnals Committee, only Gullit objected. The rest are silent. None of the members resign. You will find job hunters everywhere…”

    Humberto angry

    That criticism goes completely wrong with Humberto. “When you write something, Jan, at least be factual. One: check social media, including Olfers at Nieuwsuur, my story at Radio 1 and Ruud in De Telegraaf. Two: you’re talking about jobs? What we do, we do unpaid, at our own request. Just because we think it’s important.”

    Jan then: “It’s good that you stopped with the committee that is not taken seriously, Humberto!”

    ‘Again nonsense’

    Humberto: “Now you are writing nonsense again. Stopped? Also incorrect.”

    John: “LOL.”


    The Twitter quarrel between Jan and Humberto: