StOften when we wash our hair the result we get is not always satisfactory. From the choice of shampoo and conditioner to a correct rinsing method there are many variables that can influence the appearance of the hair. Albert Di Domenico, Artistic Director JOICO Italy in the interview he reveals to us how to wash your hair properly – once and for all.

    How to wash your hair correctly

    «The best way to start is definitely choosing the most suitable detergentit all starts from this. The choice of detergent must be made on the based on the characteristics of the stem and the state of your scalp» he begins to explain Albert Di Domenico, Artistic Director JOICO Italy.

    «We often hear of customers who fall under the spell of pleasant fragrances or colorful packaging, neglecting the characteristics of the shampoo or conditioner that they buy. It is important first of all know your hair type (dry or oily, fine or thick) and the condition of your skin, in order to make the best choice».

    «Depending on the right choice of detergent, the amount of weekly cleansing also varies. It is always necessary to follow the needs of the skin and the stem. There is only one rule: cleanse as needed».

    Shampoo, conditioner and mask: the right rinse

    «Rinsing must always be adequate and abundantespecially after applying very nourishing masks or cleansers.

    This is because masks, acting on the outside of the hair, tend to deposit many silicones. For this reason it is necessary to rrinse with plenty of waterto prevent these elements from remaining on the hair, weighing it down and then making it difficult to style».

    Hot or cold water?

    “Decidedly cold water. The heat tends to dilate the cuticles, favoring the production of sebum and sweat.

    Cold water on the contrary seals and keeps cuticles closed, allowing hair to stay cleaner for longer and to maintain a brighter color. Obviously we mustn’t freeze in the shower: green light for tepid water too.

    The important thing is to avoid temperatures that are too high» specifies the expert.

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    Why is soap bad for the scalp?

    “In general, the soap itself does not hurt the scalp and not all detergents are aggressive to the skin. With correct and specific products for your scalp, you can wash your hair even on a daily basis. As mentioned, the important thing is to make the right choice» explains Alberto Di Domenico.

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    “Inside each detergent contains 3/4 of surfactants: the first content within the formula is the one that determines the quality of the washing power, while the other surfactants deal with the density of the product, the texture and the foam” explains the ‘expert.

    What is really important in this case is the first: depending on the quality and quantity of the cleansing, this surfactant can have a strong washing power or a low washing power. The new generation cleaners contain instead surfactants with an electrostatic charge able to adapt according to the need and condition of the hair.

    So the important thing is choose the best cleanerbecause according to this it is possible to guarantee perfect cleansing, delicate and balanced, respecting the scalp and hair».

    The mistakes that everyone makes…

    «First of all, relying on the first detergent you find at the supermarket, being deceived by packaging and fragrances. For a proper cleansing you need to know your hair and choose the shampoo that best suits your needs» explains the expert Joico.

    «Secondly, a very common mistake is to not paying proper attention to the skin. We are inclined to give greater importance to the stem, because it is the most visible part, but we often neglect the skin, its state and its nature.

    Finally, it should be noted that the use of hot tools requires the support of thermoprotective products to preserve the correct hydration of the hair».

    … and tips for visibly cleaner hair

    «Finally, a valid ally is also the dry shampoofor visibly cleaner hair between washes.

    It can be used a couple of times a week, to allow the skin to recover before proceeding with normal cleansing» concludes Alberto Di Domenico.