Advance sales of C+Charge started on December 12, with goals including in the Democratization of CO₂ emissions trading and a payment system for charging stations for electric cars lie. Despite the adverse circumstances of the crypto winter and the withdrawal of liquidity from the global financial markets, it was already possible to Funding total of approximately $100,000 come. He is also backed by well-known investors such as a16z and Samsung Next. What exactly is behind C+Charge and what potential it could hold is dealt with in more detail in this article.

    What exactly is C+Charge?

    C+Charge is a versatile blockchain dedicated to the field of climate and environmental protection. For this it offers multiple solutions, in order to be able to make an active contribution in this context. The team also wants to work with different governments around the world to System tax advantages in relation to environmental and climate protection to offer. The team sees particularly great potential in this area.

    One of the main elements of C+Charge provides the blockchain for P2P payments for electric car charging because so far there has not been a satisfactory solution for the Charging stations in parking lots in front of residential buildings, which, however, offer great potential. However, for many homeowners it is so far too uncertain and impractical. Because in front of communal buildings, the electricity bill is settled via the house, whereby the proportion of the charging stations has to be deducted. Because of the circumstances, it has so far, many homeowners from the income opportunity of charging stations held.

    The C+Charge team sees the greatest potential in these locations. Thanks to the platform, the Payments for top-ups automatically using smart contracts processed and calculated in a particularly practical way. Likewise, the users also get the advantage via the blockchain that they can earn rewards can, which previously only companies and other associations benefited. Because for charging the electric cars, users receive C+Charge Reward in the form of CO₂ certificates, which represents carbon dioxide emission credits. These are still mainly used by companies to reduce their CO2 footprint through financial expenditure.

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    Own charging network

    C+Charge charging station

    According to estimates by International Energy Association (IEA) there are currently 1.8 million charging stations in the world. Owing to different standards for charging stations let the Price transparency and user-friendliness left a lot to be desired. Because there should not yet be any price boards that bill fossil fuels in a standardized unit such as liters, like at a gas station. In addition, they should For some, prices are only displayed after the loading process will.

    Instead, with C+Charge is a uniform and transparent system despite different owners planned. There is great potential for loading areas in many parking lots in the city and especially in front of residential buildings. with that one uniform standard and a maximum comfort can be guaranteed for charging station providers and users, C+Charge has developed its network.

    In this context, the app from C+Charge should use OCCP compliance connected to virtually every charging station in the world can become. There is also great potential in the area of Partnerships with petrol stations. Thus, even at best, C+Charge could see exponential growth.

    So that a particularly sustainable energy can be guaranteed, the Charging stations operated with off-grid solar energy will. For this, C+Charge Partnerships with manufacturers of charging stations with solar energy built up.

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    Real-time diagnosis of charging station problems

    So far, in case of physical damage or software error, the charging stations for electric cars still have one Personal visit on site required for a repair. Because still there is usually no diagnostic datawith which the Solve problems in real time to let.

    It sometimes happens that some Charging stations not usable for weeks are. At the same time, the user dissatisfaction about the insufficient supply of charging facilities, which in turn has a negative impact on the spread of electric cars. After all, potential e-vehicle operators are more likely to worry that they won’t be able to charge their future car on the go.

    With the help of automatic analysis software from C+Charge should they Errors can be identified and solved particularly quickly and easily. In addition, some complications can even be remedied via remote maintenance. That way you can then reduces unnecessary waiting times and ensures a better spread of e-cars will. In addition, this system should also ensure that everyone pays for the use of electricity. About this should also fluctuating electricity prices are taken into account by the system can become.

    NFT economy for cars

    This should be done within C+Charge CO₂ emission credits in the form of NFTs be mapped. They are created, among other things for charging electric cars at the charging stations of C+Charge and those of the cooperation partners.

    But moreover, it should other use cases for NFTs be offered. They come, among other things, in the area of branding and promotions for application. For this purpose, different Cooperation with, among other things, car manufacturers and other stakeholders being constructed. Together with them, special, limited concepts for electric vehicles are to be developed.

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    Advance sale of C+Charge

    C+Charge presale

    the Presale of C+Charge takes place over a total of 4 phases instead, within which the Prices incrementally from $0.0130 to $0.0235 increase. Here are about the Presale 40% of 1 billion tokens can be purchased. Most coins are available during the first presale phase and then decrease as the levels progress. In this context, investors from the 1st phase can Return of almost 81% within a very short time to back up.

    This also makes the advance sale an extremely interesting investment idea within a bear market. After all, the earnings recession will probably shake the stock markets again this year. However, through the pre-sale temporarily no price losses be suffered. Instead, the Price increases even a fixed increase in value within a few weeks which much higher compared to the average return of an index fund is. In addition, previous investors can also secure a share of the 10% for staking, airdrops and giveaways.

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