How Berlin’s politicians reacted to the New Year’s Eve chaos caused additional damage

By Jan Schilde

The New Year’s shame in Berlin. A comment from BZ editor-in-chief Jan Schilde.

From clumsy populism to clumsy trappings to quick ducking away, everything is there. The level of violence by the New Year’s Eve mobs set new standards, even by Berlin standards.

How society and, above all, responsible politicians in our city, but also nationwide, have been reacting to this for days will ultimately cause additional damage.

One notices: In Berlin, so shortly before the repeat election, nobody wants to do anything wrong. Just don’t say anything wrong. Just don’t scare off the voters, the clientele, the party base, remain politically correct. And always make sure that everything remains stable on social networks.

And this Senate! Once again it shows that a good state secretary like Torsten Akmann cannot make up for the complete cluelessness of an interior senator. Instead of answering questions sensibly, instead of showing strength as her job ought to, she indulges in incoherent babble. How Mrs. Spranger reacts to the New Year’s Eve disaster confirms that she is a bad cast.

The chief of police, who is at least officially responsible – and according to BZ research, there was serious failure by the police chiefs in planning and in the operation itself – disappears completely.

And the governor, formerly known for clear words, is carried away by the drivel flow, she is unable to make an assessment worthy of the office.

The other coalition partners need not even be mentioned.

A solution competence is nowhere visible, but great helplessness.