“The expectation is another four hours,” says a man in line from his car. “And I’ve been up for two hours, so I can still have my fun.” Because of a disruption on the Texelstroom, you can only sail with the Doctor Wagemaker. On Texel, it caused a traffic jam from the harbor to Den Burg. “I actually only looked at the news when I was in the back of the queue. A little too late,” says the man.

    “This is pretty absurd. This isn’t an advertisement for the island this is,” said a passerby. He says that people should have known because it was previously announced that only one boat can be sailed. “But it’s been going on all day from 10 a.m..”

    No hot tea

    Another man has been queuing for 2.5 hours and from where he stands it takes another 2 hours. “I absolutely have to go to the other side. I’m Texel, but yes. I have to. Otherwise I would go home, drink warm tea and cozy up on the couch.” But unfortunately that is not the case for the man.

    The waiting time also increased from Den Helder to Texel. This line took about 3 hours. The outage started last weekend and the cause of the outage is not yet clear, according to Teso. This weekend the boat will remain on the side. “We could let the boat sail again, but because we do not yet know the cause of the malfunction, safety would then be at risk,” explained Arjen Poelman, spokesperson for Teso. Today was expected to be the busiest day and the waiting time will not rise as high this weekend.