‘Hopefully my face won’t droop like that!’

Patty Brard (68) is badly beaten by Yvonne Coldeweijer (36). When the Shownieuws diva is mentioned in passing, the juice hyena makes quite a false comment about her face.

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It’s no secret that Yvonne Coldeweijer knows something about Patty Brard that cannot bear the light of day. The juice hyena announced a major scandal about the Ibiza visitor in April, but this was never clarified. In any case, it seems that it has something to do with Patricia Paay and her yellow excesses.

Really very embarrassing

Anyway, Patty is briefly mentioned in Yvonne’s latest Juice Show, namely when it comes to the misery of André Hazes Jr. “I think he’s panicking,” she says of the fallen folk singer. “I think he feels like: this isn’t going to last long. I don’t think half of it is even full yet. Yes, that is really embarrassing.”

André remains a psychological case, Yvonne thinks. “Is he delusional or does he know? I think he knows it and that he struggles a lot to show how cheerful he is, how well things are going. ‘Thank you guys. I’m going to perform again. Keep booking.’ I guess he has to or something. It is distressing.”


That André needs to take a very long break, Yvonne advises. “People are just overstimulated by it. Just the next five years of radio silence and then come back with some kind of folk song hit that has been chosen by a good A&R, that is really something. This is real drama, the music he makes.”

Co-host Mark Koster then bridges the gap to the next topic. “Then we go to someone who, unlike André Hazes, has a bad character, because I don’t think he is bad.”

Not a bad character

Yvonne confirms: “No, André Hazes Jr. does not have a bad character.”

Mark: “I think he’s quite a sweet boy.”

Yvonne: “But he is insecure.”

Mark finds the way Yvonne pronounces ‘blood insecure’ very recognizable. “You say this so beautifully. ‘Blood insecure.’ It’s a bit Patty Brard-esque the way you say it.”

Sneak at Patty

After that comment from Mark, Yvonne comes up with a rather sharp sneer at Patty: “Well, thanks! If only my face wouldn’t droop like that!”

Mark: “Hopla!”

Yvonne: “Hahaha.”

Patty posted a photo on Instagram this week in which her face looks quite disfigured. She indicated that she had to go to the hospital for this, but the reason is unknown. Leaking fillers?