dfter the two years of pandemic, weddings are back in a big way. And so are honeymoons. However, they change slightly in connotation. If it is true that countries like Japan, which has reopened its borders, continue to attract, it is equally true that there are many Italians who choose to stay in our country for a honeymoon that is always romantic but close to home. AND travel by train is back among the trends of 2023.

    Honeymoons: among the 2023 trends, avoid crowded places

    Wedding.comhighly specific portal for the day of the “yes I do” has highlighted some of the trends that will characterize the choice of honeymoon destination in 2023. However, already underlining a great change compared to the past: if it is true that great classics such as the Maldives resist, there are many couples who choose less known destinationsespecially from the Instagram camera.

    In fact, for couples it begins to be fundamental choose the destination also based on the level of tranquillity that it can offer. For this reason, among the exotic destinations, Chile, Peru and Vietnam emerge among the choices: certainly not new or less known destinations but less touristy. Just as there are many couples who prefer truly adventurous trips: if the safari is an activity that newly weds have always liked, today however less traveled countries such as Rwanda are preferred.

    From the Maldives to Mauritius, Europeans continue to love islands

    Despite these premises, however, they remain great classics among the favorite destinations: in particular, in the top ten of those most dreamed of by Italians great classics such as Polynesia and the Maldives resist and Tenerife appears by surprise.

    On the other hand, the choices chosen by Spanish couples who prefer Mauritius, the great classic of the occasion, Madagascar and Vietnam are different. While the French opt for the exotic Seychelles but also for the Mediterranean Crete.

    Early Moon, or when the honeymoon takes place before the wedding

    One trend that is becoming increasingly popular is that of early moon, or to leave even just for a weekend before the wedding. A veritable mini-trip, it is a short honeymoon also made to escape the stress of organizing the celebration. A choice that couples like more and more.

    Just as the idea of do not leave immediately for the journey but to wait for the most appropriate momentboth in terms of work organization and to choose the best time to fully enjoy the destination.

    Marcell Jacobs trains in the Maldives: even on his honeymoon he goes as fast as the wind

    Rediscover Italy and train travel as a honeymoon

    And if “honeymoons” rhymes more and more with “romance”, more and more couples are choosing our country or even train travel.
    From the Alps to Sicily, including the islands, many Italian and foreign newlyweds are rediscovering the Belpaese, thus opting for well-known destinations, such as the Amalfi Coast to experience in five-star hotels, or less traveled areas so as to enjoy the tranquility of the places. Among these, for example Umbria.

    And precisely because there is a return to the romantic and “slow” honeymoon, train travel has also made a comeback. An option considered not only for long journeys, but also for short stops by choosing luxury trains, such as the Orient Express or the Royal Scotsman, so you can enjoy beautiful scenery at a more leisurely speed. Maybe with an adjoining suite.