Hit again: man shows genitals on train to Enkhuizen

Police are looking for a man suspected of trespassing on the train. On the route from Amsterdam to Enkhuizen he showed his genitals to several train passengers.

The incident took place on December 3 around 4.40 pm, near the station in Hoogkarspel. The man took his genitals out of his pants and showed it to several train passengers. The police have launched an investigation into this man. A spokesperson informs NH News that they have already spoken with several witnesses. “But we are looking for more witnesses.”

Police are looking for him and have released a description. It concerns a man of about 35 years, around 1.85 meters tall, slim build, dark eyes and he has a light tinted skin. He speaks English and was wearing black sweatpants, sneakers, winter coat and sweater at the time.

Train wrecker in Hoorn

Last summer in Hoorn similar incidents occurred. The then 24-year-old Nadia even experienced it twice on the train. “In the corner of my eye I suddenly see his hand go up and down. I don’t believe my eyes and stiffen,” she said then.

At the end of October she saw him again, a 24-year-old Horineese in court. He has been convicted and received 60 hours of community service and a one-month suspended prison sentence. He also had to be treated by the GGZ. Nadia and the other victims actually thought the sentence was too light, because it had a lot of impact on them. “He could have just gone to jail from me,” a 17-year-old victim sighed.