the Hip hop fair beatcon will take place on October 7th and 8th in Duisburg. This year, the fair, which specializes in producers, offers a special section for female producers. LIA, who has worked with Dardan, Schwesta Ewa and Eno, among others, as well as the rapper Wa22ermann and her producer 2ir1n talk about their work and the rap world.

    As part of the Female Producer Camp, you can take part in a Recording session and at one Writing Participate in a session, have your own beats rated or just ask questions.

    Who at the camp If you want to participate, send an email to [email protected] write with some words about themselves as well as audio samples in the form of finished productions or beats. A total of 15 people can win, who can then take part in the camp and also get tickets for both days of the fair.


    beatcon is a trade fair especially for producers. You can meet professionals on several stages and get an insight into their workflow. From beat producing to vocal recording, mixing or live performances, everything is included. This year Bazzazian (Arrest Warrant, Kontra K), Pvlace (Wiz Khalifa, Future), PzY (Nimo, Miami Yacine), Young Mesh (Apache 207, Elias), Geenaro (KC Rebell, Shirin David), Ghana Beats (Summer Cem, Luciano) and many more will be part of the party.

    You can find the program here.