From hard rock to Dutch hits, everything is covered at Radio Duivenstraat. They say they are the smallest radio station in Hilversum, but they are the most colorful. “Everyone is welcome with us, as long as you like radio.”

    “This is so much fun to do,” says Nynke van der Kooi. She is one of the twenty DJs of Radio Duivenstraat. “Every Saturday morning I present Nynke’s Hour, where I deviate from the beaten hit paths. It is a party to make my program.”

    Normally the DJs, who live throughout the Netherlands, present from their own home. But once a year they come together in the Duivenstraat for the annual ‘meeting’. “Then we eat cake and catch up,” says Huub Bammens. He worked for forty years as a radio technician and after his retirement started with Radio Duivenstraat.

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    At Radio Duivenstraat, the fun of making radio is paramount – NH Nieuws / Rachel Morssink

    More and more DJs have joined since 2014 and thanks to the software package that Huub developed himself, everyone can make their program remotely. “The software is called ‘Nice messing around with radio'”, says Huub. “Some presenters choose to pre-record the program, but you can also do a live broadcast.”

    A long live broadcast is also planned during the employee meeting. The presentation is in the hands of Bram Lieftinck. “How many seconds do I have left? Yes, welcome to Radio Duivenstraat,” his voice echoes. Bram is completely blind and effortlessly sums up all music knowledge by heart. “This is fantastic to do. And one day I hope to be able to present at a major channel.”

    Hundred listeners

    As mentioned, all styles are welcome at Radio Duivenstraat. “The variety makes us unique. We do think continuity is important, so that you can be heard on the radio every week,” says Huub. “And it’s nice if you’re a little technical, but we can help you with that too.”

    And how many people listen to Radio Duivenstraat? “We register about 100 unique IP addresses per week,” says Huub. If it’s up to him, it doesn’t have to be much more. “After all, someone has to be the smallest, haha. And it doesn’t really matter how many people listen, we mainly do this for our own fun!”

    Radio Duivenstraat

    The radio station started on a small scale in 2014 and a year later it became an official internet station. It can be heard via About twenty DJs present their own program every week, five of which are blind or partially sighted. Everyone presents from his or her own home. Interested in presenting? Send an email to Huub Bammens via [email protected]