Heartwarming actions for Ukraine in Torhout and Kortrijk

    In Kortrijk, for example, a Protestant church community has already collected a lot of things and in Torhout independent home nurses show their warm hearts. Food that can be stored for a long time, medical equipment, but also baby food and diapers are currently the most needed, according to the Ukrainian embassy.

    Already about 80 inhabitants with a heart for Ukraine came to Bissegem with mainly clothing. The Russian Violetta and the Ukrainian Oleshy (Olesia) sort them side by side. But actually there is more need for other things. “Food and medicine and for the children who come here we also need diapers and wet wipes,” it sounds.

    As of tonight, some refugees can also sleep here. Violetta herself came to Belgium from Russia 17 years ago. “When I came here, Putin was already president in Russia. It was a terrible regime. People don’t have a good life. He always lies.”

    Olesjy’s son has never lived in Ukraine, his grandmothers do live there. “They’re in the basement now, they’re scared and they can’t come to us.”

    Torhout collection campaign

    In Torhout, home nursing Altrio is now collecting medical material. “We are sending sterile blades, among other things, which they will definitely need for surgery,” says Luc Haelemeersch of Altrio Torhout. Already one van full went to Ukraine. “The initiative is so heartwarming. It still gives me shivers when I see how generous our nurses are. That warm family who speaks to their network. It’s just fantastic that that can happen.”

    The home nursing service has already filled 15 vans throughout Flanders.