Isabel Diaz Ayuso is not the only one releasing controversial statements on the Madrid’s community. The general director of economy that she herself appointed, the economist Juan Manuel Lopez Zafrais being the protagonist in Twitter for a post about shortage of ice in Spain. He says like this:

    “Ice. Spain. The paradise of the cubata or the gin and tonic. From Cacaolat with Licor 43. Nowhere else in the world do they serve drinks like here. In none. The lack of ice in Spain is like the lack of sand in the Sahara. Another success of socialism & rdquor ;.

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    This opinion has raised, on the one hand, the indignation of some who raise their hands to their heads because “the director of economic policy of Ayuso charges 93,855 euros annual to say crap&rdquor ;, as stated by the More Country party. This generous figure can be verified in your declaration of activities, assets, income and tax informationwhich can be easily found on the Transparency Portal of the Community of Madrid.

    Others, on the contrary, have preferred to make use of the humor and joke about how long it’s been since Mr. López Zafra left “for a party.”