Harry and Meghan have already been placed at the royal coronation dinner table – Participation still a question mark

Harry and Meghan have apparently been invited to the king’s coronation, but no response has been received regarding their participation.

Preparations for the coronation of King Charles III are already well underway. PDO

King Charles III will be crowned on Saturday, May 6.

All winter there has been speculation whether the black sheep of the royal family, Prince Harry, and his spouse, Duchess Meghan, will be invited to the coronation or not.

The couple has burned bridges in the direction of Britain by leaving the court, moving to the United States and making statements that smear the court and family members.

The latest staple in the rift was Harry’s biography published in January Deputywhere the prince let the queen consort scream For Camilla. Not the spared prince in the book William or a princess Catherine too.

According to the latest information, Harry and Meghan have received an email from Britain related to the coronation – which means they have apparently been invited.

However, the Duke and Duchess have not announced their participation.

Whether we see Harry and Meghan at Charles’s important celebration or not, preparations for the coronation are in any case well underway and the arrival of the duke couple has been taken into account.

For example, the places at the dinner table have already been thought of and Harry and Meghan have been placed. They have also been taken into account when thinking about moving from one place to another, car rides, dress code and security.

– It’s easier to cancel plans than to make them at the last minute from the beginning, comments from the court, referring to the fact that possibly Harry and Meghan will not come after all.

There have been fears in advance that Harry and Meghan will steal the whole show on the king’s important day.

If the couple attends the coronation, they are most likely expected to keep a low profile.

The main event of the coronation is at Westminster Abbey. Of course Harry and Meghan would go there.

On the other hand, the later royal waving from the balcony of Buckingham Palace is hardly attended by other than the family members who work directly in the royal palace.

In addition to Harry, Prince Andrew was also denied access to the balcony, because after being embroiled in a sex scandal, he has no longer had official royal duties.

Charles has already delivered his first King’s Christmas speech.

Source: Dailymail