Hard-learn motorist runs into the lamp twice in a short time

A stubborn motorist ran into the lamp twice in a short time on Tuesday. The police pulled him over at the Kasteel-Traverse in Helmond because they knew that the driver may have used drugs. That turned out to be the case, because he tested positive for the use of cannabis.

The man did not want to give permission for blood to be taken. He was banned from driving for 24 hours and his driver’s license was confiscated.

Still, he didn’t leave his car. Ten minutes later, another officer saw the car driving on the Eisenhowerlaan in Eindhoven. He called his colleagues, who took another saliva test. Logically, the man was still under the influence, but again he refused a blood test.

The man was arrested for driving with an invalid driver’s license, driving under the influence of cannabis, refusing the blood test and violating the imposed driving ban.

The police say that after using cannabis it takes an average of six to eight hours before you can drive again. If you smoke regularly, it will last eight to, in extreme use, forty hours.