On Saturday 4 September, SnowWorld will once again become one large disco. After two years of absence, the Locomotion Reunion back again. Meeting old acquaintances and dancing to old skool dance numbers like before until the late hours. Very nice: we are giving away tickets for two groups of friends.

    In no fewer than five areas you can listen to songs from the 80s, 90s and 00s that evening and night. The well-known parties of the past, such as Discogiants, Loco Fridays and house parties, are being redone. The old DJs from Loco can be played live behind the turntables, just like DJ Partyraiser. Go to Loco by bike, just like in the old days, and meet your friends along the way.

    We’re giving this away

    In collaboration with Artistic Productions we are giving away 2 x 5 tickets for Saturday 24 September. That will be partying together with your friends, family or colleagues on one of the five dance floors! In addition, the winner will receive an exclusive retro cap and T-shirt from Locomotion.

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    What do I have to do to win?

    You want to win such a nice night out with your friends, right? Participating in this giveaway is very easy. Sign up below for the newsletter of indebuurt Zoetermeer. You will then automatically participate in the action and you will be kept informed of the latest news and inspiring stories from Zoetermeer. Already subscribed to the newsletter? Don’t worry, you can also just participate in the promotion. You will of course not receive duplicate newsletters.

    You can participate up to Monday Sept 19. The winners will be notified by email on Tuesday 20 September. We will then share the names of the winners on our Facebook page and contact you. The tickets will be emailed to you by the organization. Good luck!