Hackers carried out thousands of attacks over the weekend

The majority of the massive shock wave are extortion attacks, where a ransom is demanded to release those served.

A large-scale ransomware attack was carried out over the weekend. Stock photo. PASI LEISMA

Thousands of computer servers around the world were targeted by hackers over the weekend, the Italian National Agency for Cyber ​​Security (ACN) said.

The Italian news agency ANSA reported, referring to the Cyber ​​Security Agency, that the attacks had been carried out in Europe in addition to Italy, for example in France and Finland. Servers in the United States and Canada were also subjected to similar large-scale attacks.

CEO of ACN Roberto Baldoni told the Reuters news agency that the attack was aimed at exploiting a software vulnerability. According to Baldon, the attack was massive.

The majority of attacks have been so-called ransomware attacks, where hackers have tried to blackmail organizations and companies with malware. A ransom has been demanded to release the servers.

According to Reuters, US cybersecurity officials said they were investigating the impact of the attacks.