Groen wants a more safe bicycle connection between Oostkamp/Loppem and Bruges

    Carol Cartigny, council member of Oostkamp (Groen): “Not only the street, the entire neighborhood is dangerous, including the Steenbrugge bridge. We want commuter traffic and school traffic from Oostkamp to Bruges to be much safer. Certainly on this point in Sint-Michielsestraat. There are plans to make a shortcut here and to create a bicycle shortcut from Wulgenbroekstraat. We would like to ask both the authorities of Oostkamp and Bruges to make every effort to ensure that this is done quickly. the Steenbrugge Bridge.”

    Precisely because there is so little space, cyclists often cycle on the footpath, which in turn creates unsafe situations for people who live here. The Greens advocate a bicycle crossing, which should preferably be realized as soon as possible. Janos Braem, council member of Bruges (Groen): “They can make a shortcut here in consultation with NMBS, Bruges, Flanders and Oostkamp, ​​to end up at the canal. There you can cross over to Steenbrugge with a new cyclist bridge. It is urgent, because there are works to be done on the bridge. If it becomes more difficult to pass there by car, the bicycle solution must already be ready. Then people must be convinced that there is an alternative, that it is very easy to get through by bicycle If that connection is smooth, then the alternative for people is much faster.”