‘Gordon wanted to drag Angela de Jong to court’

Britt Dekker states that Gordon has already been on the point of starting a lawsuit against Angela de Jong, who he hates so much, ten times. “But that was rejected by his lawyer.”


Angela de Jong and Gordon have had an extremely troubled relationship for some time now. Despite their media enmity, they never met in person. At the very last moment, Gordon canceled a television confrontation at De Wereld Draait Door, while Angela was already waiting at the table and the viewer was already sitting on the couch with popcorn at home.

Case against Angela

However, Gordon has several times considered scheduling an appointment with Angela at court, his TV colleague Britt Dekker now reveals behind the scenes of Renze op Zondag. There, the presenter, apparently in an attempt to appease her, has been a little too frank with the opinion diva. And she’s using that in her now AD Media podcast.

Angela says: “Britt also told me that Gordon has been on the verge of suing me ten times if I had written a column in which I ‘hate’ him, in Britt’s jargon , but that was rejected by his lawyer.”

‘News is news’

Oops, can Angela pass this on from Britt? “No idea, but she told it in front of everyone. Not once was it said, “This is just between us.” So I don’t feel very obligated to keep my mouth shut about that. News is news, I think.”

She continues: “Oh, and everyone at Talpa always agrees with me. But that’s not allowed by John. John de Mol may not know that. That’s what she said in the commercial break.”

“You hate me!”

How does Angela look back on her TV fight with Britt? The TV-bestie Wendy van Dijk shouted that Angela must ‘hate’ her, because she has criticized her a few times. “That is often the confusion that people of course have a bit of in that world. Either you hate someone or you are very close friends. There seems to be no in-between.”

She continues: “I watch television, come to a program now and then and I like one person more than the other. But with no one I have the idea: I have to defend this one at all costs. If you do something well then I write that you do it well. If you do something very badly then I write that you do it very badly. Yes, I can’t make it any more transparent.”

Loose lipped

If Britt had asked Angela to keep the revelation about Gordon a secret, would she have told them? “Then I certainly wouldn’t have done that, because if I give my word to someone, it should be very clear. And again, this wasn’t just against me in a corner, this was around everyone and everything.”