Google, Netflix, Tesla & Co: This is how the US tech giants are doing in the current accounting season

The US heavyweights among the technology companies are particularly scrutinized in the market. This is how the ongoing Corona crisis has affected the individual balance sheets:

Balance sheet submissions already made

January 20, 2022: Netflix stock penalized after forecast. To the message

January 25, 2022: Microsoft increases sales and profits. To the message

January 26, 2022: Tesla beats all expectations. To the message

January 27, 2022: Apple stock soars after strong Christmas quarter. To the message

Pending balances

February 01, 2022: alphabet

February 01, 2022: PayPal

February 02, 2022: Meta (ex Facebook)

03 February 2022: Amazon

03 February 2022: Snap

03 February 2022: GoPro

08 February 2022: lyft

09 February 2022: Over

09 February 2022: Walt Disney

February 10, 2022: Twitter

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