Infoproducts, also known as digital products, are materials in digital format that are distributed over the internet, such as ebooks, videos, podcasts, templates, etc.

    Most of them have the objective of educating and after investigating, I was able to reach the conclusion that the most sought after are online courses. Its popularity grows due to its great scope and the possibility of escalating profits.

    It also has great advantages for those who consume it, because they are usually more economically accessible.

    Who can create digital infoproducts?

    The creators of infoproducts, also called digital producers, are specialists in some subject, They provide a specific solution to a specific problem.

    Example, if you are a specialist in image consulting, you can create an ebook on how to have a sustainable and varied wardrobe without spending too much money.

    As it is, there are millions of ideas to create an info product in the digital market. It is estimated that approximately you can create it in a month, what you need:

    -An idea that is of value to your clients or potential clients.

    -Explore the best format to transmit that content online.

    -Detect opportunities in the digital market, identifying the needs of other people.

    -Spread it.

    -Innovation always, it is essential to know the market trends to produce something that the public needs.

    Myths and truths:

    The infoproducts market is not recent, it has been working for a few years, but it is still a novelty for many users. That is why there are myths to demolish and truths to elucidate.

    The first is that “It is very easy to generate profits” selling digital products. Despite being a market with many possibilities, it is a job like any other, where effort is the key to success.

    Another great myth is thatyou have to have a lot of capital to start in the infoproduct market” but the truth is that you can create them totally free, investment 0.

    There are thousands of tools with free plans to get you started, like: CapCut, Notion, Canva, Google tools.

    It is a great opportunity to help more people simultaneously outside of services that require personalization and your presence.

    In addition, it allows you to offer a solution or transformation to those customers who are not yet willing to pay for larger ticket services.

    What infoproducts could you create in your digital entrepreneurship today?

    Antonella Alcoba, CEO of @buenacomunicacion.aa

    Digital Business Mentor & Coach

    by CEDOC

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