Goggia: “Hello Fans! I have a collection of scorpions but… I love high heels”

His social catchphrase has become a shirt (of Falconeri) “Indifesa” of the abused girls. The queen of speed: skis, heart and a suitcase

Alessandra Bocci

High heels, why not? And elegant clothes, not just overalls. Sofia Goggia knows she is representing Italy and she understands how to do it. And she loves the relationship with the people, with the fans, and she knows she can act on a social level thanks to her image as a champion. From all these considerations the “Ciao Fans” operation was born, a T-shirt designed by Sofia with Falconeri, historic sponsor of the national ski team, designed with a charitable purpose: all the proceeds from the sale will be donated to Indifesa, the Terre des Hommes which since 2012 has been promoting the rights of girls and boys. The shirt was produced in 600 pieces and is only on sale in the boutique in via Montenapoleone and on the website.

Sofia, there is a lot of talk about abuse of women and girls. In your opinion, has the situation worsened, or is there greater media attention?

“I believe that abuses to stop and difficulties to overcome come to light more easily. This is why we thought of this charity. Many struggle, there are difficult realities where help is needed”.

Let’s talk about Ciao Fans, born with Instagram.

“Born from the stories we posted on these very long journeys with my skiman. They all began with ‘Ciao Fans’, and in the end when they saw me they didn’t say ‘Ciao Sofia’, but ‘Ciao fans’. It has become a brand identity. And we have decided to start a project with Falconeri, who has been a sponsor of the national ski team and my personal one for some time, in favor of the rights of girls and boys, to give them spaces where they can take advantage of language, music and culture courses”.

You were talking about brands: what is your relationship with fashion?

“I go to fashion shows when I can. I like poking around in other environments.”

And what does it mean to collaborate with a brand?

“It means having the freedom to express yourself, to participate in a project. With Falconeri there is now a non-working but personal relationship. I could never collaborate with a company that does not share my values. Falconeri has been reflecting them for years now” .

As an athlete, she passes for being very brave, always ready to throw herself down at full speed. Is Sofia Goggia not afraid of anything?

“That’s not true. I have my fears too. But I have a strong propensity for high speed and curves, that’s all”.

She is always on the go. What’s in her suitcase?

“First of all there is always the Italian flag. Then warm underwear, sweaters and a velvet suit”.

Do you have a boot collection?

“Of course, I have an infinite number of them, so much so that sometimes I discard them, also because plastic has an elasticity which is then lost”.

Would you like to start a collaboration with a sports brand?

“I’ve been involved in the design of my speed skis for some time now. But otherwise, after having lived a long time in the world of sport, I’d like to wander around and do something else”.

“I really like velvet, black or blue, Armani style. I go crazy. That’s my style”.

“When there’s the right occasion, I wear them without problems. Especially now that I’m becoming a woman, I like to be tidy on every occasion, without remaining within the perimeter of casual sportswear. Then maybe I go to the supermarket with an oversized sweatshirt. I would like to keep these souls together”.

“A very fine suit of black velvet. One piece”.

Do you like being recognized on the street or does it annoy you?

“I like it. It means having left a mark. And we Italian skiers have left it in recent years”.

What will Sofia Goggia do after skiing? Have you thought about it?

“Sofia wants to win the Olympics when she grows up. We’ll see the rest.”