Go back to 1948 with Films van Toen: When trams still drove in Drenthe. View beautiful images of the tram line between Hoogeveen and New Amsterdam here

Old films experience new times at DVHN. And you can watch them from the couch. DVHN, in collaboration with the Drents Archief, broadcasts a Drenthe archive film every Sunday.

Filmmakers have been making images of Drenthe for a hundred years. Amateurs and professionals. In black and white and later in color. This year the Drents Archief looks back on a century of films in the province. We start in the 20s and end in the 90s.

With today: The Eerste Drentsche Stoomtramweg-Maatschappij (EDS). The company was founded in 1903 in Hoogeveen and ran trams through the southeast of Drenthe. For example from Coevorden to Assen and between Hoogeveen and New Amsterdam. After the war, the tram lines disappeared and buses were introduced. This film was made as a farewell to the Drenthe trams. Images: J. Wietzes; 1948