Giorgia and Elisa: in Sanremo with Luce and Di sole e d’azzurro

QWhen two extraordinary voices meet, they can create something extraordinary. That’s what happened to San Remo 2023 with Georgia and Elise. Together for one duet on Of Sun and of blue And Light who enchanted the Ariston to the point of obtaining a long standing ovation.

Sanremo 2023, Giorgia’s duet with Elisa

Two non-random songs. They are the ones with whom they participated in the 2001 Festival. He won Elise with LightGiorgia finished second with Of Sun and of blue. Beyond placement, they are two songs entered in the history of Italian music. Above all they scored a before and after in the career of both.

Elisa begins the duet with Light. Giorgia goes after her. From the very first notes, it is a riot of sweetness, vocalizations, but above all complicit looks.

Just over three minutes in which their respective voices mix until they become a single sound. A flawless performancewhich leaves those present in the room in suspense until the last note.

Giorgia and Elisa duet on the notes of “Luce” and “Di sole e d’azzurro”. (Getty Images)

Two professionals, two aristas of indisputable caliber, capable of transform a duet into a piece of history of the Sanremo Festival.

Elisa competed in 2022 with Or maybe it’s you, Giorgia had been missing as a contestant since 2001but over the years it has come back as superguest. This time she wears the contestant’s shoes, but she gets the feeling that she is playing right in another championship.

Giorgia: «Thanks to Elisa for standing by my side»

Not a smudge, not a single inaccuracy. She is perfect, as is Elisa. And the end result is an Ariston Theater in raptures that applauds and shouts in appreciation. “Come and get the applause,” says Amadeus. “Yes. Yes, I want. Thank you!» jokes Giorgia. A moment later she adds: «Let me say thanks to Elisa for having accepted, for being next to me in this exceptional way. After an incredible year that he has accomplished, starting right here collecting successes after successes. Thank you”.

Here you are the artist Georgie. As the audience applauds her, he takes the spotlight away from himself to turn it on to his colleague and friend. A lesson in respect and humility, from which more than one artist could learn.