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For the inhabitants of Amba, San Pedro is synonymous with a weekend getaway, afternoon next to the river ravine, barbecue, fishing and relaxation. What not many know is that to get to the yacht clubs and the peace that an afternoon outdoors can give you, under the shade of an old tree, you have to cross a thriving city full of entrepreneurs.

Today we are going there to meet Lucas Ríos and his Gesdatta. A solution for those entrepreneurs and SMEs that need to clean up their administration and make smart decisions with better information.

Lucas, how are you? Thanks for having us.

No, thank you for the visit.

What is Gesdatta?

We like to say that it is a “Web accounting management system”.

Web because it is used via the web from any device connected to an internet network.

Management because it “solves” all the dimensions of the company.

And accounting because everything has an accounting basis and respects the double entry to guarantee that everything closes from all sides.

It is an accounting administrative system in the cloud, it is a tool that allows you to carry out various tasks, such as billing, collections, payments, generation of balance sheets and VAT books, which are essential for the management of a company.

Its main objective is to collect and organize dispersed data in a single tool, in order to process it and present valuable information to the owner or decision maker. In other words, the tool is responsible for integrating and processing data to make better decisions.

How was Gesdatta born?

I was working in a local operation for a Swiss multinational that centralized the administration in Buenos Aires and every month sent us accounting reports that were closed for us locally. They told us that we were losing money and for us our businesses made profits. It was there that it occurred to us to start doing parallel accounting with a fairly complex Excel full of formulas. In this way we discovered not only that we were right in terms of the numbers, but also that there was someone who kept the difference.

Uh, not everyone was happy with the discovery.

Precisely for the owner of a business, an SME, or a large company that exports, having clear information available at all times makes them make the best decisions and can quickly find out if there are deviations that do not have to be exclusively related to a company. purposeful action. There are many inefficiencies and losses that are generated by not knowing and not having accessible information from all areas of the company. That is our contribution of value, our grain of sand as a comprehensive management system.

There must be several management systems, why should an entrepreneur who is reading us hire yours?

It is true, there are many systems and they all have the expectation of helping and ordering the administration of a company. In principle, ours has a minimalist design. The platform is easy to use, very intuitive and we only activate the buttons that the client will use. You don’t have to be an engineer to be able to use our system. On the other hand, our business model is only profitable if the client stays with us for a long time and that is only possible if he is satisfied and happy.

How is this?

It is that we not only sell a management system, we carry out the implementation, advice and training so that the client can get the most out of it from minute one. Although the client pays for entry and then a monthly fee, what they pay at the beginning does not cover all that cost of implementation, training and setup. It is for this reason that our incentive and for that we work, is that the client stays with us for a long time. Furthermore, our system, although it is based on accounting administration, has many modules, which makes it an ERP (enterprise resource planner). We have modules for personnel, inventories, transportation, packaging, and markets, among others. And all with the same premise. Simple handling, information concentrated in one place, better decision making. So our aspiration is that the client is satisfied so that he uses all the modules he needs. That also differentiates us from other systems that only do the administrative and accounting part.

How did the company evolve from that complex Excel full of formulas and macros with which they started to this Gesdatta Web and what do they see for the future?

Today we are 12 permanent people working in the company without counting the people who work indirectly giving us a specific service in an outsourced way. We reach the whole country. The system adapts to all types of companies by sector and by size. We have more than 500 active users with expectations to continue growing. The goal for 2023 is to increase the number of customers by 25%. Growth has to be gradual, because by emphasizing the implementation, training, and customization of the system for each client’s need, at startup it is very demanding in man hours. As I indicated to you a while ago, we do not we win in the first year of a customer’s life. It’s all investment. We have specific developments for some sectors. We are very strong in the fruit and vegetable sector, with a customized development, taking into account the particular characteristics of this business. And our commitment is to further specialize our product with innovations required by other sectors of the economy.

And for the future?

Continue growing in the country, and take advantage of any opportunity to develop our business model in other Latin American countries where the problems regarding information management and decision-making are repeated.

Thank you Lucas for your time, and much success with Gesdatta.

Saying goodbye to Lucas, I had two options. Or head for the Rosario Buenos Aires Highway and return to the Big City. Or make a brief stop on the Costanera San Pedrina to recharge my energy and face my return home much more oxygenated. Using Gesdatta obviously made the best decision. Buenos Aires can wait a while longer.

Until next time.

Contact information:
341 217 6566
[email protected]


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