That money is given on the sea after a lengthening of the price in the open market (1.5 million) and the reduction in loading (1.7 million) for 9,000 loads that use a lot of energy. According to Scholz, the “greatest package maatregelen tot nu toe” is what he says.

    Scholz noemde Russia “a reliable energy partner”.

    Net as in other Europese land lopen also in Duitsland de prijzen van gas en elektriciteit hoog op als gevolg van de oorlog in Oekraïne. The regulation of social democrats, large and liberal ones now has an agreement over a set of tax regulations.

    Kanselier Scholz had shown that work was being done last week on a “steunpakket that is so good as possible on the basis of the plan, so efficiently and in such a way that the dish is mogelijk”. Counts on the top of the table were on the other hand financial steun for pensioners and students, tax reductions in the wind from an opportunity for the result of popular sales of 9 euros per month for all open sales.

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