General meeting: Hertha BSC – looking ahead at the sporting abyss

Status: 05/14/2023 8:03 p.m

For seven and a half hours, those responsible and members of Hertha BSC discussed with each other in the exhibition center on Sunday. There were many concerns about the sporting and financial future, but also a bit of confidence.

The sporting situation for Hertha BSC could hardly be worse. With eyes wide open, the Berliners are heading straight towards relegation to the 2nd Bundesliga. But instead of great anger and fury, there was even a little confidence in the air on Sunday in exhibition hall 19.

This was probably mainly due to the culture of open discussion that President Kay Bernstein brought to the General Assembly. Calm and well prepared, he answered questions from the fans present, took on even the smallest questions and satisfied the members’ need to speak.

Scene from the general meeting at Hertha BSC (imago images/nordphoto)

Heavy criticism of Fredi Bobic and confidence in the license

There were no major controversies at the Hertha BSC general meeting. Instead, there was applause for coach Pal Dardai, confidence from President Kay Bernstein and scolding for ex-manager Fredi Bobic. Everything important in the live tickermore

Bernstein satisfied with some developments

The President concentrated primarily on the positive developments that had been initiated in the past few months. He spoke of a revival of club life. Hertha has become more visible in the city again, and not only the increase in merchandising income would speak for that.

Bernstein also praised the cooperation in women’s football with Hertha 03 Zehlendorf and sees the capital city club on the right track when it comes to building new stadiums. He was optimistic about the future and planned to reorganize the club’s budget by the 2025/26 season. Eight million euros in salaries have already been saved, for example through changes in the administrative apparatus.

Great criticism of the predecessors

He also took a dig at the former Finance Director Ingo Schiller. “As much as we celebrated him when we said goodbye, you have to honestly say that it was his responsibility. (…) What happened in the last four years? 250 million euros were burned. That’s crazy, that must never happen again like this,” said Bernstein.

In general, the divorced leaders did not get off well. In his speech, Hertha’s head of the licensed player department, Andreas “Zecke” Neuendorf, scolded Bobic and Co. for several minutes and criticized the composition of their squad. “I don’t like the team. We had five transfer windows to put together a decent team. We were normal at one point, then we drifted off. We have to get off our high horse. We have to eat the soup. I don’t think the right people were there before then were,” he said, earning great applause from the hall. He did, however, have praise for President Bernstein. “I hope you all feel that Kay Bernstein is just the one and the one we’ve needed for years,” he told members.

Cheering at Hertha II (imago images/Beautiful Sports)

Victories for Hertha II and Luckenwalde


Big worries about finances

Managing directors Benjamin Weber and Thomas Herrich were then responsible for the difficult issues. Especially the financial situation and the possible licensing problems caused many fans great concern. “We’ve lived beyond our means for the last few years. […] My task is to solve the economic situation. I imagined it differently, but that’s how it is,” said Herrich. Hertha is in need of restructuring and has to reduce squad costs by 30 percent to get back on track.

Herrich then openly admitted that licensing could be jeopardized if economic freedom of action could not be proven. “But we’re working flat out and we’re confident that we’ll get them,” he said. He thinks it is unlikely that there would be problems with the DFL because of the new investor. 777 Partners have “always said that they know the German situation and are committed to 50+1,” he clarifies.

Berlin way as a guiding principle in sport

Despite the worries, sports director Weber had not lost hope of staying up in the league. §We will not give up as long as there is a small chance.” Nevertheless, Hertha is prepared for all possible scenarios. He left open whether these scenarios also include Pal Dardai as coach in the coming season. At least the fans seemed to have their opinion on it Dardai was greeted at the general meeting with standing ovations and thunderous applause.

Hertha player Maximillian Mittelstaedt looks disappointed after the 2:5 defeat against 1. FC Köln.  (Image: IMAGO / Treese)

Hertha looks into the abyss

Hertha BSC suffered a clear defeat at 1. FC Köln and brought up all the arguments for a deserved relegation to the Bundesliga. After a miserable performance, it would take a blue and white miracle to keep the class. By Marc Schwitzkymore

At least when planning the squad for the coming season, the “Berlin way” should definitely be followed and more emphasis should be placed on young people. With the newcomers you would have to see what is possible, said Neuendorf. “Everything that we can’t manage, we fill up from our own academy.” However, there will probably be a few departures in the summer. With the exception of the talents, every one of the current professionals is for sale, “Zecke” determined. “None of them have provided proof that they are suitable for the first division.”

After seven and a half hours it was over

As always, the formal items on the agenda were lengthy. There were motions against the presidium and the chairman of the supervisory board, Klaus Brüggemann, to be voted out of office, but neither of them even got to the vote after a long discussion. The short-term resignation of Ingmar Pering also caused a need for discussion. His successor is now to be determined at the forthcoming ordinary general meeting in October.

After seven and a half hours, Bernstein then spoke the closing words to the visibly exhausted members who had stayed in the exhibition hall 19 until the end. And despite the sporting situation, one had the feeling that many of those present left the event with a certain satisfaction.

Broadcast: rbb24 evening show, May 14, 2023, 7:30 p.m