GENERAL ELECTIONS 23J | How and when to request a vote by mail for the 23-J general elections: requirements and deadlines

The publication this Tuesday, May 30, of the decree of call for general elections on July 23 open a new electoral period in Spain barely 24 hours after the closing of the regional and municipal elections on May 28. A date, that of 23-J, midsummer, in which many citizens will be out of their cities for the holidays, so that a notable increase in requests for absentee ballot.

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The regulations that reflect the Central Electoral Board (JEC) makes it clear that the request to vote by mail can be made from the date of the call, in this case this May 30. For said elections, voters have until the tenth day before the vote.on July 13.

Requirements to request a vote by mail

These are the requirements that must be met to vote by mail in the electoral appointment of 23-J:

  • Vote by mail application. The request to vote by mail can be made at the Post Office, presenting the DNI, passport or driver’s license, or electronically, on the website. However, in the latter case, it is an essential requirement to identify yourself with the electronic ID or with a digital certificate.

  • Reception of the electoral ballot. After formalizing the request, Correos forwards the request to the Electoral Census Office, which carries out the appropriate checks and issues a certificate confirming that the voter is registered in the electoral census and that they will exercise their right to vote through the postal service and, therefore, you will no longer be able to do it in person. The electoral office sends a certified mail to the citizen’s address that includes the necessary documentation: ballots, envelopes, the census certificate, an envelope with the address of the polling station where they should vote and instructions on how to formalize the vote. The voter must sign in person for the receipt of the documents, proving the identity and must also deliver the documentation in person. If the voter is not at his home when the postman passes by, he must go to an office to receive the documentation, accrediting himself.

  • Emission of the vote by mail. The voter must send their vote by certified mail, inserted in the envelope with the address of their polling station and do it in person.