Preparations for the new season continue at full speed in Galatasaray.

    Coach Okan Buruk made a statement after the yellow-red team, who faced the Hungarian team MOL Fehervar in the preparation fight and left the match with a 1-0 loss.


    “We need to transfer to the midfield, to the front, to many regions. We see our shortcomings very clearly. We are making an effort in this sense. We will complete them.”

    “We are not 100% ready. We have missing players. We will have transfers. We will bring Galatasaray to the place it deserves. Nobody should have any doubts.”

    “It’s not easy to transfer. We don’t want to hire a man just to get it. We try to bring in the best players. It takes time, too. Everyone works in good faith. We will bring in players who will contribute directly to us as soon as possible.”

    “Sergio came, we will make another transfer. Maybe we will transfer to the front zone. Negotiations are ongoing. Our squad will become stronger.”